Creating oil, as well as charcoal portraits have kept me busy. Shipped out numerous portraits across the country. Many varieties, from a  Brussels Griffon, Felines, Papilons, Poodle to Terriers, some of them being done in loving memory.  
I'm putting the final glazes on a beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Sportsmen and outdoor enthusists will appreciate this one, because of the subject matter of the painting. Extensively detailed, with several varieties of camouflage, shotgun, duck decoys and Chesapeake ammo box and dog,  fill the painting. The painting is a 20x24 framed original oil, and available for sale January 1 2013.  Sneak preview coming soon.
I'm accepting commissions for 2013. Please secure your portrait date today, via email or phone, to discuss time element. I'll look forward to working together. 
The animal companions we share our lives with can touch our hearts like no other. An original oil painting of your pet is a wonderful way to remember those special ones we have lost and to treasure those that are still with us. A commissioned pet portrait can be a unique gift that will be treasured for generations to come. Oil portraits can be done as loving pet memorials, that help the heart heal.

When a client commissions me to paint a portrait, I feel deeply honored, striving to make each new painting my best yet. My objective is to fulfill each client's expectations to complete satisfaction. I feel a sincere and intense responsibility to interpret my subjects features and character not only accurately but with sensitivity and utmost care. That is why you can have complete confidence in a portrait painted by me. The most important aspect of any portrait is capturing your pets personality. Its the look that melts your heart every time you gaze into their eyes. That's my specialty.

The venetian oil painting technique used by the Old Masters from Carravaggio to Rubens is a system of layering paint in order to achieve the luminosity and depth we so love in those classic paintings. Each layer must dry before the next is applied, thus, the extended time element for this style of painting. Only the highest quality materials are used for portrait work.

Because of my love of animals, passion for painting, as well as years of experience, you can be assured of museum quality artwork with every portrait. Numerous portraits have been completed and hold a place of honor in homes and hearts everywhere.

Note: The Bradford Exchange "Chihuahua" is now released. This is a natural stone texture, imprinted with paw prints, loving verse, a Limited Edition. This little Chihuahua's name is "Dulcinea Bella" which means sweet beauty.

Five more pet portraits were requested and completed for " The Bradford Exchange" company, as collector plates in 2004.  Peggy Krizak is a national and international artist.

Enjoy ordering your personal checks, check book covers and totes through "The Bradford Exchange" of your favorite Chihuahua artwork , featured artist Peggy Krizak. Located on the Links page.


"Your portrait of Molly is beautiful. It captures her spirit and personality. . . alert, quizzical, loving and loyal attitude. The eyes, muzzle, nose, ears, and the individual hairs.....all this from a photograph. You are extremely talented. I will look at this painting every day of my life. I will be forever indebted and appreciative to Kay and Larry for this gift...and to you for your ability to execute it. Thank you so very much."

- George Otto

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